NAILD IT Constructions was founded in 2014 by Antonio De Luca. With such love and passion for construction and architecture, over the last 9 years Antonio has successfully managed and completed some truely remarkable trademark projects across Brisbane with his highly skilled team.

Being involved in all aspects of each project and consistently producing such a high standard of work means Antonio only allows NAILD IT to take on a certain amount of projects per year, ensuring quality is never compromised.

As of March 2023, Antonio made the decision to become a referral only based builder, closing the books to general enquiry. Building your family home regardless of value is one of the  most exciting yet biggest financial commitments you will make in your lifetime. You are about to walk into a commitment with a builder for the duration of your project.

“Over the past 9 years, i have learned to understand the difference between the person that is chasing the best price, versus the person that appreciates my value and service. Relationships are extremely important considering you’re about to jump into a project together for x amount of months long. It was a hard decision for me to make. I love building nice homes for beautiful familes, and i want to have fun doing it with like minded people who appreciate myself and my team.

– Antonio De Luca

As of January 2024, NAILD IT Constructions will only be taking 2 x build allocations per year. So, if you know someone who has built through NAILD IT, or someone that knows us well, its your chance to get in touch.

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